Senator Grassley Holds Another Hearing Ignoring Medical Cannabis

chuck.grassley.jpegSenator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) who chairs both the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Drug Caucus, is holding a hearing on Tuesday, April 5th to discuss the harms of “recreational marijuana.” By holding this hearing, Senator Grassley is yet again delaying action on the CARERS Act while taking an opportunity to undermine the perception of THC’s medical value.

Tuesday’s hearing will mark the second time during the 114th Session of Congress that Grassley has convened a Drug Caucus hearing that has a strong bias against the medicinal compound THC. In June, the Drug Caucus held a hearing on cannabidiol (CBD) to the exclusion of the any planned discussion on the value of THC. Tuesday’s hearing will feature testimony from a board member of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, who opposes rescheduling and the CARERS Act and does not feature any witnesses who can provide a counterpoint view on the medicinal value of cannabis.

Take action today to let Senator Grassley know he can not continue to delay passage of the CARERS Act. Please take a moment to complete this email and phone call action urging him to hold a hearing and have a vote on CARERS.

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