We need your help to poll Illinois Senators

UPDATE: As of February, 01, 2016 the Illinois Department of Health has declined to add any new qualifying conditions to the medical cannabis program. This contradicts the recommendation of the Illinois’ Medical Cannabis Advisory Board which voted to add 8 new conditions including PTSD. Please call your representative to urge them to support Illinois patents suffering from PTSD.

In May of last year, the Illinois General Assembly passed Senate Bill 33, which would add post-traumatic stress disorder" to the definition of "debilitating medical condition" in the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act. While this bill would have helped many patients, especially our Veterans, in Illinois living each day with PTSD, Governor Rauner vetoed the bill. However, with the work of patient advocates urging their senators to support allowing those with PTSD to access medical cannabis, we may still help Illinois patients living with PTSD.

Below are links for sample scripts for those who supported SB 33 in May and those who did not. You can find your Senator's telephone number here. Be sure to scroll down to find your State Senator.

It is important to use your own words when discussing with your Senator why you support PTSD as a qualifying condition. The script will guide you through the process, but your own words are very important.

After your call, please take a moment to fill out our feedback survey. This information is vitally important. It will help us know how to best target our advocacy efforts on behalf of Illinois patients!

Sample script for supporters of SB 33 in May

Sample script for opponents of SB 33 in May

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