Safe for Now (But Not For Long)

download_(1).pngYesterday afternoon, both the House of Representatives and the Senate voted on H.J. Res. 123, a Continuing Resolution that keeps the Government open through December 22, 2017. President Trump signed it into law this morning. H.J. Res 123 continues to fund the Federal Government at existing levels and includes all policy provisions as the previous budget. This includes the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment which is the only thing protecting medical cannabis patients from federal interference and prosecution.

This is the second time this year that Congress has approved a continuing resolution to keep the government open, with the first being passed in September.

Negotiations continue on FY18 Appropriations, but the fate of medical cannabis protections after December 22 remain unclear. Earlier this year, the amendment was blocked from being considered by the House Rules committee. Fortunately, the amendment, as introduced by Senator Patrick Leahy remains in consideration for inclusion through the senate version of the bill. To show the strong bipartisan support for this amendment, Americans for Safe Access worked closely with other advocacy groups to get 66 members of the House to sign on to a letter to Congressional Leadership that expresses the desire to maintain protections for state medical cannabis programs. The letter was signed by 28 Republicans and 38 Democrats.

ASA also led a similar letter to appropriations leadership signed by Americans for Safe Access, The Michael J. Fox Foundation, US Pain Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Epilepsy Foundation, Tourette Association of America, National Women’s Health Network, and Realm of Caring.

ASA is working hard to ensure that these protections never lapse, but we need your help. Contact your Senator today and tell them to continue to protect medical cannabis patients!