Oppose AB 2500 in California

The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety will hear testimony and vote on AB 2500, a bill authored by Assembly Jim Frazier (D-Fairfield), on Tuesday, April 29.  The bill will make it a crime to drive with two or more nanograms of THC (one of the active compounds in cannabis) in your blood – even if you are not driving while impaired. This limit is arbitrary and unscientific. Regular medical cannabis users will almost always test positive for two or more nanograms of THC, because cannabis is detectable in the blood for days after it is used. This bill could turn every legal patient who drives in California into a criminal!

Please take a minute to call or email the Committee Members listed below and ask them to oppose AB 2500 when it comes before the Assembly Committee on Public Safety. Your individual calls and emails have more impact than a form letter or petition. Remember that you are most effective when you are brief and courteous!

Tell the committee members that:

  • The bill is unfair because it makes criminals out of responsible, law-abiding medical cannabis patients.
  • The presence of two or more nanograms of THC in a blood test does not prove impairment.
  • Police officers should rely on existing roadside impairment testing to decide who is impaired.
  • There is no evidence to support the claim that medical cannabis patients driving while impaired is a real public safety hazard.
  • Tell each committee member or staff how the bill will affect you personally.

Note - You may not be able to use the Email Web Form unless your address is inside the District represented by the Committee Member, but everyone can call. Find out if your in one of these seven Districts here.


Tom Ammiano (916) 319-2017 or use the Email Web Form

Melissa A. Menendez (916) 319-2067 or use the Email Web Form

Reginald B. Jones Sawyer, Sr. (916) 319-2059 or use the Email Web Form

Bill Quirk (916) 319-2020 or use the Email Web Form

Mark Stone (916) 319-2029 or use the Email Web Form

Nancy Skinner (916) 319-2015 or use the Email Web Form

Marie Waldron (916) 319-2075 or use the Email Web Form


Read the text of AB 2500 and track its progress online.

Read ASA's letter opposing AB 2500 here.