Oppose AB 1588 in California

 The California Assembly Committee on Public Safety will hear testimony on AB 1588, a bill authored by Assembly Member Connie Conway (R- Visalia), on Tuesday, March 11. Americans for Safe Access (ASA) would like to ask members and allies to speak up in opposition to this bill at or before Tuesday’s hearing. Please take a minute to call or email the Assembly Members listed below and ask them to oppose AB 1588. There is not much time to stop the bill in the committee, so do it today!

Tom Ammiano (916) 319-2017 Email Web Form

Melissa A. Menendez (916) 319-2067 Email Web Form

Reginald B. Jones Sawyer, Sr. (916) 319-2059 Email Web Form

Bill Quirk (916) 319-2020 Email Web Form

Sebastian Ridley-Thomas 9916)319-2054 Email Web Form

Nancy Skinner (916) 319-2015 Email Web Form

Marie Waldron (916) 319-2075 Email Web Form
AB 1588 will increase the distance required between legal medical cannabis patients’ cooperatives and collectives and schools from 600 to 1,000 feet. The bill also increases the fine for violations to not less than $500 and not more than $10,000. ASA opposes the bill because it places an undue burden on legal patient-cultivators and providers and usurps local authority to regulate medical cannabis.

There is no evidence that legal cooperatives and collectives adversely impact students or neighborhoods. Our research and experience show that sensible regulations for medical cannabis preserve safe and dignified access for patients, while reducing crime and complaints. Members of the Committee on Public Safety need to hear a clear message from voters right now: California simply does not need AB 1588. Please make your calls or send your emails today.

You can testify in opposition to the bill in person at 9:00 AM in Room 126 in the State Capitol Building in Sacramento, CA, on Tuesday, March 11.

Thanks for helping!