CA AB 2500 defeated

victory-1.jpgASA Members helped stop another bad bill in the state legislature today! An Assembly committee just rejected a measure that would have made it a crime to drive with even a tiny amount medical cannabis in your blood (AB 2500). This is the second time this year that ordinary citizens like you stopped a bad bill in its tracks. In March, ASA members helped stop a bill that would have made it more difficult to open legal patients’ collectives and imposed fines of up to $10,000 (AB 1588).

Neither of these legislative victories happened by chance. ASA helped to organize a timely and strategic grassroots campaign to be sure we stopped these bills early in the process. We can be effective, but we need your support to keep it up. Please make a special contribution to ASA today. Our Spring Membership Drive is underway, so be sure to look at the new membership incentives. 

ASA tracks state bills, meets with lawmakers and staff, and provides written testimony on proposals from our office in Sacramento. We do this daily throughout the legislative cycle, so that we can be sure that lawmakers hear form voters in their home district before key votes like today’s hearing. That helps to make our members’ advocacy even more effective.

ASA is the nation’s leading medical cannabis patients’ advocacy organization. We work with grassroots advocates and the local and state level to protect and expand rights and ensure everyone has safe, legal and dignified access. We are also the only organization working full-time on medical cannabis issues in Washington, DC. If this work matters to you, please support ASA today.

There is more to do this year in California. Bills on the table deal with medical cannabis patients and public assistance, regulations that will affect how your medicine is grown and provided, and a measure to ensure that wrongfully-confiscated medical cannabis is returned by the police. Read more about the bills on our website, and keep an eye out for opportunities to participate.