Ask Your Representative to Make HB 523 Work for Patients

The Ohio Senate passed HB 523 on Wednesday by a vote of 18-15, which would create a retail dispensary medical cannabis program in state.The bill is expected to be signed by Governor John Kasich, which would make Ohio the 26th medical cannabis state in the country. While the program that will be created under HB 523 is no doubt a step forward for patients in Ohio, the are still major concerns with the program.
ASA submitted suggested amendments on the issues of (1) employment discrimination (and other areas of civil discrimination), (2) personal cultivation, (3) local government bans on dispensaries, and (4) patients right to access and use all forms and methods of use for medical cannabis. Despite the State Senate not taking action on these items prior to voting for HB 523, ASA is encouraging the legislature to address these issues in clean legislation this when the session reconvenes in the fall.

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