National News in Review

A week of national news about medical cannabis, in review. If you live in Northern California, be part of making the news by protesting Obama's crackdown on state-legal dispensaries when he visits Oakland on Monday.
  • Federal Judge Orders Defendant to Stop Taking Marinol - Toke of the Town
  • University of Saskatchewan researchers have discovered the chemical pathway that Cannabis sativa uses to create bioactive compounds called cannabinoids -
  • Obama’s Pot Problem -
  • Most Active Constitutional Cannabis Lawyer - East Bay Express
  • Truth In Trials Act, Medical Marijuana Protection Bill, Proposed By Bipartisan Group Of Lawmakers - The Huffington Post
  • One in eight with fibromyalgia uses cannabis as medicine - Reuters
  • Obama's Attorney Has Come Unhinged: Melinda Haag's Crusade Against Medical Pot Jeopardizes California's Safety - Steph Sherer in the Huffington Post