Join hundreds of advocates supporting the CARERS Act in DC today by calling Congress

Hundreds of medical cannabis patients, researchers, advocates and other stakeholders are visiting lawmakers in Washington, DC, this morning to support the first comprehensive bipartisan federal medical cannabis reform bill ever introduced in the US Congress.

Participants in ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference are on Capitol Hill to support the CARERS Act right now. Can you make three phone calls to help get that bill passed this year?

The Compassionate Access, Research Expansion, and Respect States (CARERS) Act is the most comprehensive piece of federal medical cannabis legislation that has ever been introduced in both the U.S. House and Senate. This bipartisan legislation would remedy the state/federal conflict over medical cannabis laws.

We are asking members nationwide to call their US Senators and US Representative and ask him or her to support the bill today. The timing matters. Hundreds of advocates are visiting offices right now. Your calls will be part of a powerful message about medical cannabis in Congress today.

Click here to find the telephone numbers for your federal representatives and a sample script for your phone call. It’s fast, easy, and makes a real difference!

The CARERS Act will allow state programs to continue without federal inference, move cannabis out of Schedule I, remove CBD from the scheduling altogether, create access to banking services for legal cannabis businesses, end the Public Health Service review process and NIDA monopoly that blocks research, and allow Veterans Administration doctors to write recommendations in states that have a medical cannabis program.

Thank you for helping us get this important piece of legislation passed this year!