Help a patient get to Washington, D.C.

Looking to become a volunteer? We can use your help right now, and you can have a lot of fun with this project! Will you host a house party or reception for your friends and loved ones to help send a medical cannabis patient to our conference and lobby day in Washington, DC?

Americans for Safe Access (ASA) knows that the best outcomes happen when medical cannabis patients have a voice in the conversation about policies that affect their lives. We need to have patients from all over the country at our National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference and lobby day in Washington, DC, March 27-31st. Unfortunately, many patients with a lot to contribute to the national dialog cannot afford the trip. That is where we need your help.

We want volunteers from around the country to host a house party of reception with your friends and loved ones to sponsor a patient’s trip to Washington, DC. It takes approximately $1,000 to get a patient to the conference (depending on where they live). Donors sponsored 125 patients from thirty four states last year. Those patients learned about medical cannabis and advocacy skills at the conference, before participating in the largest medical cannabis lobby day in US history. We visited more than 300 Congressional offices that day.

We need to bring even more people to the conference and lobby day this year. Everyone in the Capitol is talking about cannabis and medical cannabis right now. Opinions are being shaped, decisions will be made soon, and the consequences for patients will be far reaching. A strong showing this year will mean patients have a say in what happens next.

Hosting a house party or reception is easy. When you sign up, we will send you a package with everything you need to host a successful event – including step-by-step instructions. You can feel good about the fact that you are supporting a patient’s participation in Washington, DC, and helping build the grassroots movement for safe access among your contacts.

Read more online and get signed up today. We need to start disbursing funds for travel and meals in February, so there is no time to lose.