Attention Georgia: E-mail Your State Representative to Support HB 722

State Representative Allen Peake has introduced a bill (HB 722) that would greatly improve the current medical cannabis law in Georgia by allowing for in state cultivation and dispensing, adding more qualifying conditions, and allowing access to full range of THC and CBD profiles. Unfortunately, there may be efforts by some state lawmakers to prevent these necessary improvements from happening. We urge you to email and call your state representative to support HB 722 without imposing additional burdens on patients.

Last year Gov. Nathan Deal signed the Haleigh’s Hope Act into law which was great first step for Georgia medical marijuana patients. But the bill doesn’t go far enough to provide safe access to medical marijuana and protect patients. 

Families all across Georgia are asking that the Georgia legislative assembly make the following additions to Haleigh’s Hope act during the 2016 legislative session:

  • Allow in-state cultivation and distribution.
  • Add more qualifying conditions that have been identified through research to benefit from medical cannabis like Fibromyalgia, PTSD, Autism, Diabetes – diabetic neuropathy, Tourette’s syndrome, and Terminal Illnesses. 
  • Require rigorous lab testing of all products manufactured in Georgia so patients have access to safe products. 
  • Allow additional delivery methods other than oil.
  • Add a process that authorizes patients to petition the Department of Public Health in order to add qualifying conditions.

Now is the time to make sure your state representative knows that safe and legal access to medical cannabis is a priority to their constituents. You can make this happen by taking a few moments to complete this action alert by clicking here.


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