Tell the Richmond City Council that patients need more access, not less!

The Richmond City Council has postponed a vote, originally scheduled for March 3, to bring the number of available dispensary permits in the city from six down to three. If you live or work in Richmond, the City Council needs to hear from you. Use the talking points below to write a personalized email or make a short phone call to the the members of the City Council. Tell them not to lower the number of dispensaries in Richmond.

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Remember that you are most effective when you are brief and courteous!

When Richmond passed their ordinance they allowed for six dispensaries, and six applicants were selected as part of this process. Only three have been able to open their doors due to strict zoning requirements. Some of these collectives have been paying the city permitting fees this entire time! Please come tell the city council members of Richmond that this is unfair process, and that they cannot collect fees and then change their ordinance to stop all future dispensaries, and in addition the ones already approved.

Talking Points:

  • Patients in Richmond are looking forward to increased services, and availability of medicine, not less.
  • Competition increases the selection, quality of products and decreases the price for the customer. These customers are patients with physical or mental conditions, we should have more 6 dispensaries throughout the city.
  • Unfair for the City of Richmond to collect fees from applicants, and then close the process, the city departments should be assisting the facilities to find suitable locations, rather than stop the process after the fact.
  • Patients have been looking forward to dispensary regulations changes that would increase the available zoning to one of the recommendations previously discussed with representatives of City Planning, and Public Safety Committee.

You can also speak to the City Council at their meeting on March 3. The meeting is at 6:30 PM in the Community Services Building, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804.