Don’t ban indoor cultivation in Sacramento County

The Sacramento County Board of Supervisors will have a public hearing on Tuesday, April 22, to consider a motion to ban indoor cultivation of medical cannabis in the unincorporated areas of the county. The unincorporated areas are those inside the county, but outside the borders of any city. ASA is calling on members and allies to speak up in advance of this hearing and to speak in opposition to the ban on Tuesday morning.

Can you call or email the Supervisors listed below and tell them to vote no on agenda item 64, a ban on indoor medical cannabis cultivation? Use this sample script to frame your comments:

“Hello. I am a medical cannabis patient/supporter in Sacramento County. I am calling to oppose the proposed ban on indoor cultivation of medical cannabis by legal patients and their caregivers. If patients cannot grow their own medical cannabis, they will be forced to do without their doctor-recommended medicine or rely on the dangerous and unregulated illicit market. Research and experience show that sensible regulations for medical cannabis reduce crime and complaints. Please reject the ban and work with patients to find a solution that respects the will of the voters and protects patients and the community.”

Be sure to let the Supervisors or their staff know how the ban will affect you personally.

Find you Sacramento County Supervisor here: or call/email all five.

Phil Serna – (916) 874-5485 or [email protected]

Jimmie R. Yee - (916) 874-5481 or [email protected]

Susan Peters - (916) 874-5471 or [email protected]

Roberta MacGlashan - (916) 874-5491 or [email protected]

Don Nottoli - (916) 874-5465 or [email protected]

Join other medical cannabis advocates to testify in opposition to the ban next Tuesday, April 22. Arrive early to sign up to speak in opposition to agenda item number 64. The hearing starts at 9:45 AM at 770 H Street, Sacramento, CA 95814. Please invite other supporters!

Thank you for helping!