These webinars are for Patients, providers, caregivers, business leaders, regulatory folks, and policy makers (i.e., something for everyone)!

In them we discuss the development of a Cascade of Care model for Medical Cannabis that describes the steps required for those that need it to benefit from medical cannabis. We review the medical cannabis Cascade of Care, identify knowledge and access gaps, and opportunities for supporting initiatives that would benefit most from cannabis as a legitimate medical treatment. Our goal is to identify a clear and simple framework that will guide future medical cannabis research, interventions, education, and resources to issues of greatest need. This is a two part presentation where part one introduces the concepts and part two is focused more on group discussion.

Presented by:

 - Grace E. Macalino, PhD, MPH, Marimac Insight

 - Debbie Churgai, MA, Americans for Safe Access

Download the slide presentation for part one.

Download the slide presentation for part two.