Tell Congress: Support the CARERS Act of 2017

CARERS_2017-fundraiser_email.pngThe bipartisan CARERS Act reduces the role of the federal government in formulating drug policy and allows states to make determinations on their own drug policies. Giving the power to decide drug policy to the states reinforces the principles of federalism on which our country was founded.

Please take action today, and urge your Members of Congress to cosponsor this legislation.




  1. Prohibits the federal government from interfering in state medical cannabis programs
  2. Enables Veterans Administration doctors to recommend medical cannabis in states with medical cannabis programs 
  3. Removes some of the barriers to researching medical cannabis, including the NIDA monopoly
  4. Removes cannabidiol (CBD) from the list of controlled substances

Patients need Congress to pass CARERS so that they have access to the medicine they need.