California: Lawmakers Need to Adopt Sensible Regulations for Medical Cannabis

Send_email.jpgCalifornia voters called on their elected officials “to implement a plan for the safe and affordable distribution of marijuana” when they approved Proposition 215 in 1996, but state lawmakers have yet to adopt a comprehensive regulatory program. In response to divergent interpretations of the law and inconsistent enforcement across the state, patients, local governments, the Attorney General, and others are calling on the state legislature to finally heed the voters’ call.

The “Principles of Sensible Medical Cannabis Regulation” were developed in consultation with patients, cultivators, workers, and other medical cannabis stakeholders over the last year. We are presenting them to lawmakers to illustrate what we would like to see in current and future legislation. Regulation makes sense for everyone in California. These basic principles define a regulatory framework that will benefit patients and their communities, and also describe sensible regulations that will prevent abuse, ensure accountability, save law enforcement resources, generate tax revenue, and create jobs.

Click here to read the "Principles of Sensible Medical Cannabis Regulation" and send them to your California lawmaker!