ASA's New Website Puts Resources at Your Fingertips!

ASA LogoAmericans for Safe Access is very excited to unveil the next incarnation of our website! Over the past eleven years, ASA has been working with various stakeholders in the medical cannabis movement to accomplish some amazing political feats that have resulted in 20 states and DC recognizing the medical use of cannabis allowing over 1 million patients nation-wide to benefit from these laws. Through the years ASA has produced incredible resources for our members and stakeholders, and now those resources are even easier to use.

People from all over the country (and some outside too) rely on our website to learn about the science supporting medical cannabis, to become more familiar with their state and federal laws, and also to learn how to get involved and become advocates for the movement. With such an abundance of information to share with our stakeholders and supporters, we want to ensure that everyone can find exactly what they are looking for when they come to our website. Our new website is restructured and re-imagined to be as intuitive and as easy to navigate as possible.

Whether you are a current or potential patient, a legal professional, a medical professional, a policy-maker, or a provider, ASA's resources are now organized so that you can find exactly what you are looking for. Additionally, we are utilizing cutting edge organizing technology by Nationbuilder to be more effective with our advocacy efforts. This new platform will also allow ASA to provide better membership services for our active members including a member-only area of the website (coming soon), membership cards, and a custom profile for online advocacy.

We hope you find our new website more accessible than ever, and if you do come across any problems or cannot find something, please let us know!