Arizona Gets C- Grade on ASA’s 2019 National Cannabis Report Card

By Dan Kingston for Arizona Marijuana News

Every year, Americans for Safe Access (ASA), a national nonprofit promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research, produces a report that grades the legislative and regulatory aspects of state-legalized medical marijuana programs across the country.

The comprehensive report illustrates a detailed analysis of state medical marijuana programs in 47 states, the District of Columbia, and four territories on an ‘A’ to ‘F’ scale.

The ASA’s 2019 report graded Arizona’s medical marijuana program as a C-.  Arizona was previously graded as a C- in 2018, a C+ in 2017, a B- in 2016 and a C+ in 2015.

Here’s a category and score breakdown of Arizona’s report:

  • Patient rights and civil protections: 97/100
  • Access to medicine: 81/100
  • Ease of navigation: 87/100
  • Functionality: 74/100
  • Consumer safety and provider requirements: 70.7/100

The only states in the entire country to receive an ‘A’ were Oregon (A-) and Illinois (A-).