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I want to invite you to join me for a live Google Hangout on Thursday, September 18, at 7:00 PM. Don’t worry. You do not have to go anywhere. A Google Hangout is an interactive online event that you can join from you computer or mobile device.

What happened in the state legislature this year? What is likely to happen next year? What does the proposed voter initiative to legalize adult use of cannabis in 2016 mean for patients in California? Let’s talk. There is an interactive Q&A option. Feel free to email questions in advance, too. I’ll be hosting these interactive events monthly for the rest of the year.

Just log onto a little before 7:00 PM on Thursday to participate in the Q&A part of the broadcast. You can also watch on YouTube at

There are a lot of public meetings with medical cannabis on the agenda coming up. Be sure to check out the Events section of this email for news about meetings in Corcoran, Porterville, Richmond, and Riverside. Thanks to Bud Green from the Fresno Cannabis Association and ASA Sonoma County Chapter Coordinator Sarah Shrader for sending information about local meetings. That kind of participation makes this weekly email more useful for everyone!

California & National News

Legal Use of Marijuana Clashes With Job Rules (National)
Jack Healy, New York Times

Brandon Coats knew he was going to fail his drug test. Paralyzed in a car crash when he was 16, he had been using medical marijuana since 2009 to relieve the painful spasms that jolted his body. But he smoked mostly at night, and said marijuana had never hurt his performance answering customer calls for a Colorado satellite-television provider.
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California's War On Marijuana Began 100 Years Ago This Week (California)
Chris Roberts, SF Weekly

Inspector Roy Jones was not California's first drug cop. When Jones walked the beat for the State Board of Pharmacy, the state had its hands full with opium. The raw stuff from which heroin would someday be made, opium was a big enough problem that federal agents made a scene of destroying with fire one batch of seized contraband on a public street in San Francisco's Chinatown.
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California’s Marijuana Industry Is Flourishing (California)
Johnny Green, The Weed Blog

It’s been almost two decades since California became the first state to legalize medical marijuana with Proposition 215 in 1996; since then, the cannabis industry has grown tremendously. Since the passage of Prop 215, 22 other states have adopted medical marijuana legislation, two states have outright legalized, and three more are poised to legalize this year.
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Cannabis crusader seeks converts at Rotary Club (California)
Tom Moroney, Bloomberg News/Chicago Tribune

Sue Taylor stands before her Rotary Club audience in her "principal's suit" — matching black blazer and pants, heels, pearls and a pocketbook holding a secret. At 67, Taylor has made a giant leap. The retired principal of two Catholic schools today calls herself America's only full- time senior cannabis advocate. She's paid $4,500 a month to tell Grandma and Grandpa and those closest to them that marijuana — in joints, cookies, just about any form imaginable — can ease pain and promote sleep and appetite.
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Proposed Fresno pot-smoking ban extinguished by council (Fresno)
George Hostetter, The Fresno Bee

Fresno has all the rules it needs to ensure everyone sees eye to eye on marijuana, the City Council has decided.Much of the council on Thursday responded with scorn to Council Member Lee Brand's proposal to give city officials more authority to stop the smoking of marijuana on city-owned property. "Can't win 'em all," a chastened Brand said after the meeting. The result: Brand's proposed ordinance was continued until a date to be determined. Translation: Brand's idea is as dead as anything can be in a democracy.
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Cartels Abandon National Forest in Mendocino County (Mendocino County)
Chris Roberts, SF Weekly

Hikers, campers, and hunters were, for years, warned to stay away from public lands in certain California counties. Because, in addition to spectacular redwoods and hidden creeks, places like the Mendocino National Forest were full of Latino gangsters with machine guns, guarding illicit marijuana crops.
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Mysterious Men Dropping From Helicopters To Chop Down NorCal Marijuana Grows (Mendocino County)
Joe Vazquez, CBS

There’s been some mysterious activity in the skies over Mendocino County lately. Folks who live there want to know: Who are the armed men dropping out of helicopters to chop down their marijuana grows?
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Region's only legal pot shop opens (El Cajon)
David Garrick, UT San Diego

San Diego County recently joined a growing list of places across the country where people can legally buy marijuana, when a county-approved dispensary opened just outside El Cajon in late July. Local marijuana advocates are hailing the opening of the county’s only legal dispensary as the fulfillment of a long-time goal and something that helps catch San Diego up with much of the nation.
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Encinitas City Council votes to oppose medical marijuana ballot measure (Encinitas)
Maggie Avants, Seaside Courier

A citizens’ initiative to legalize medical marijuana dispensaries in Encinitas won’t be getting the support of council members. On Wednesday night, Encinitas City Council voted unanimously to state their official opposition of Measure F, which is set to appear on the November ballot.
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Medical marijuana dispensaries on Nov. ballot (Encinitas)
Aaron Burgin, The Coast News

Encinitas voters will not just be electing the city’s first elected mayor on the Nov. 4 ballot. Voters will also decide whether the city should allow medical marijuana dispensaries to operate within the city limits. Measure F would repeal the city’s ban on so-called “pot shops” and instead create a set of regulations for them and tax marijuana sales.
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Revised county marijuana ordinance goes into effect Sept. 12 (Madera County)
Madera County Sheriff’s Department, Sierra Star

Sheriff John Anderson announced that starting Friday, Sept. 12, 2014 Madera County’s revised marijuana ordinance goes into effect. After working with both Anderson and County Counsel, the Madera County Board of Supervisors passed an amended ordinance, which states that all marijuana growers caught out of compliance will be fined $250 per plant; and those cited, will be ordered to abate by the end of the day, on the same day they are fined.
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Public Meetings & Events

Monday, September 15, 2014 - Marijuana Compassion and Common Sense (Online)
6:00 PM at Tune in for this weekly live Internet broadcast about cannabis and medical cannabis issues. You can call in to participate. A New Mexico lowest priority initiative and the California Cannabis Coalition are the focus.

Monday, September 15, 2014 – The 15th-ish Occasional Cannabis Comedy Fest (Sacramento)
Doors 7:30/Show 8:00 PM at Harlow’s, 2708 J Street, Sacramento, CA 95816. Comedian and cannabis personality Ngaio Bealum will host. Don’t miss the after-party on the patio! Tickets are $25, and a portion of the proceeds benefits ASA. Call (916) 441-4693 or visit for details.

Monday, September 15, 2014 – Corcoran City Council Meeting (Corcoran)
6:00 PM at City Council Chambers, 1015 Chittenden Ave., Corcoran, CA 93212. The City Council will vote on a ban on cultivation and delivery services. Residents and stakeholders are needed to oppose the ban.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 – Porterville City Council Meeting (Porterville)
6:30 PM at Council Chambers at City Hall, 291 N. Main Street, Porterville, CA. The City Council will consider minor changes to the city’s medical cannabis ordinance. Residents and stakeholders are encouraged to attend.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Live Google Hangout: CA Campaign for Safe Access – 2015 (Online)
7:00 PM at Logon early to sign in.  I will be talking about legislation this year and next year. There will be a Q&A time. You can also watch live on YouTube at

Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Richmond Public Safety/Public Services Committee (Richmond)
10:00 AM at City Council Chambers, 440 Civic Center Plaza, Richmond, CA 94804. The committee will hear a report from the police department about revenue associated with expanding the number of patients’ collectives. Public input from resident and stakeholders in favor of medical cannabis is welcome.

Friday, September 19, 2014 – Two Medical Cannabis Lectures and Book Signings (San Francisco)
12:00 PM at The Commonwealth Club, 595 Market St., San Francisco, CA 94105. Michael Backes, Author, Cannabis Pharmacy: The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana; Consultant. Peter Hecht, Author, Weed Land; Senior Writer, The Sacramento Bee.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014 – Riverside County Board of Supervisors (Riverside)
9:00 AM at 4080 Lemon St, Riverside, CA 92501. The exact time and agenda item number will be posted here soon: Join patients and advocates to tell Supervisors not to ban outdoor medical cannabis cultivation. It is especially important to have County residents/voters there.

Monday September 29, 2014 – Medical Cannabis Testing Q&A with Dr. Jeffery C. Raber (Ventura)
6:30 - 8:00 PM at EP Foster Library, Topping Room, 651 East Main St., Ventura, CA 93001. Dr. Raber founded The Werc Shop, an independent laboratory focused on botanical analysis and product development to serve the unmet public health and safety needs within the medical cannabis community. Email [email protected] for information. 

March 27, 2015 – ASA’s National Medical Cannabis Unity Conference 2015 (Washington, DC)
Join us March 27th – 31stfor the biggest and most important medical cannabis conference yet. Early bird and ASA member discounts are now available. Save money on registration, travel, and lodging by registering now. For more information:

Court Support

What is Court Support and how do I get involved?

Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Court Support for Frank Morrone (Oroville)
8:30 at Butte Superior Court, 1 Court St., Oroville , CA 95965. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best support the defendant.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Court Support for Charree & Linda from Planet Herb (Redding)
1:30 PM at Shasta County Courthouse Dept. 2, 1655 West St., Redding, CA 96001. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best support the defendant.

Thursday, September 18, 2014 – Court Support for Dan Levine (Oroville)
1:30 PM at Butte Superior Court, 1 Court St., Oroville, CA 95965. Dress in an appropriate manner and obey all courtroom rules to best support the defendant.

Find more information and additional listings on The Human Solution Calendar.

Take Action Now

Join ASA’s New California Discussion List – ASA-CCSA (California)!forum/asa-ccsa

ASA-CCSA is a membership-based email discussion list about local and state medical cannabis legislation, initiatives, referendums, and related litigation in the state of California. Unlike this weekly email, you can respond to messages on ASA-CCSA and share your response with everyone. The purpose of the list is to facilitate dialog and participation by movement and industry stakeholders. Respectful and courteous participation, conversations, and debate are welcome.

Support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act (California)

A patient in California can be denied a life-saving organ transplant solely based on the fact that he or she uses medical cannabis! Legal patients have died after being removed from the organ transplant list, and others are in jeopardy right now. Americans for Safe Access, the nation's leading medical cannabis patients' advocacy organization, proposes legislation to prevent anyone from being denied a transplant because of medical cannabis. Sign this petition to let lawmakers know you support the Medical Marijuana Organ Transplant Act to provide equal access to health care for legal patients.

Join Americans for Safe Access (ASA)

ASA is the nation’s leading medical cannabis patients’ advocacy organization. The patients, medical professionals, scientists, concerned citizens, and other who comprise ASA are committed to promoting safe and legal access to cannabis for therapeutic use and research. ASA works in partnership with state, local and national legislators to overcome barriers and create policies that improve access to cannabis for patients and researchers. 

ASA Website Spotlight

Campaigns & Projects

So what does ASA do, and how can you participate? Visit this section to learn about our work with elected officials, federal advocacy, state campaigns, and more. Do you know that ASA has a Patients Rights Project to protect and expand your rights? Have you heard of the Community Support project designed to help facilitate grassroots action and movement building? Have a look at all the tabs in this section and decide where you can plug in. 

ASA Chapter & Affiliate Meetings

Tuesday, September 16, 2014 - San Francisco ASA (San Francisco)
The meeting starts at 7:30 PM at Lounge 847, 847 Howard St, San Francisco, CA 94103.  Email [email protected] for more information.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014 - Lake County ASA (Clearlake Oaks)
The meeting starts at 6:30 PM at the Moose Lodge, 15900 East Highway 20, Clearlake Oaks, CA 95423. Email [email protected] for more information.

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