Action Alert: Proposed Denver ordinance could make medicating at home illegal

October 11, 2013 | Hunter Holliman


A proposed Denver city ordinance on recreational marijuana use could put medical patients in a bad situation. 

"The ordinance, being introduced at a committee meeting Monday in advance of the legalization of retail pot sales in January, would specifically ban marijuana from parks and the 16th Street Mall. It also would prohibit smoking on private property if it is visible to the public, such as on a front porch or in a car, or if the odor of pot could be detected from a neighboring property.Read full article here
There will be a City Council hearing on Monday, October 14th on this proposed bill, so there is still a chance to let your voice be heard. Find more info on the hearing here.


Please take a few minutes and call or email your Denver City Council members and tell them not to support BR13-0736!

See below for the contact information for all the Council Members ...


Robin Kniech
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7712
Deborah Ortega
Council At Large
Phone: (720) 337-7713
Susan K. Shepherd
Councilwoman District 1
Phone: (720) 337-7701


Paul D. López
Councilman District 3
Phone: (720) 337-3333

Peggy Lehmann
Councilwoman District 4
Phone: (720) 337-4444
Mary Beth Susman
Councilwoman District 5
Phone: (720) 337-5555


Albus Brooks
Councilman District 8
Phone: (720) 337-8888

Judy H. Montero
Councilwoman District 9
Phone: (720) 337-7709
Jeanne Robb
Councilwoman District 10
Phone: (720) 337-7710




Paul D. López
Councilman District 3
Phone: (720) 337-3333

Chris Nevitt
Councilman District 7
Phone: (720) 337-7777
 Jeanne Faatz
Councilwoman District 2
Phone: (720) 337-2222


Christopher Herndon
Councilman District 11
Phone: (720) 337-7711



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