Why Third-Party Certification is Important

By Heather Despres and Debbie Churgai for Terpenes and Testing Magazine

Every day, we are bombarded with advertisements from cannabis companies declaring they provide the highest quality products and services, but who, if anyone, outside the company is determining these factors? This is where third-party certification programs can offer some validity to what a company is declaring. Third-party certification programs are able to provide an unbiased examination of the quality of a company’s cannabis products and services. This can be incredibly important in today’s market, where manufacturers and distributors can use advertisements for their products that often describe them as being “high quality” and “the best of the best”.

Without such safety precautions, the industry could quickly become overrun with false advertising, which would make it difficult for a consumer to receive reliable information when making a decision about their medicine. Particularly for immunocompromised patients, the safety and accuracy of the medicine they are taking is of utmost importance;however, this is true for anyone consuming cannabis.