What happens in Vegas...

This week, federal and local law enforcement agencies executed paramilitary-style raids on an unspecified number of medical marijuana collectives in Las Vegas, NV.  The latest reports indicate at least one-half dozen facilities were the latest to experience the “smash and grab” tactic well-known by dispensing collectives across California.  ASA is now alerting the media, providing support, and helping to organize a grassroots response.

Like so many of the first states to adopt medical marijuana laws, Nevada remains in transition. The law provides some protections for patients who qualify to use marijuana and register with the Department of Health, but, unfortunately, the state legislature and local governments have failed to create the laws necessary to properly control and regulate the distribution of medical marijuana. This is precisely what occurred in California!

Which is why it’s somewhat odd, perhaps disappointing, that it has taken Nevada so long to catch on.  Recall, Nevada is, arguably, one of the few Western states to demonstrate time and again that when given their space to regulate free from federal interference, state government works!  The state successfully controls and regulates corporate gambling enterprises, among the most liberal alcohol laws of all 50 states, a robust adult entertainment industry, and a variety of other ventures generally considered “controversial”.

So what gives, Nevada?  After all, it’s only medical marijuana!