Unity 2020 Campaigning for Cannabis: Making Policies Work for Patients

March 27, 2020


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No Patient Left Behind: Transitioning State Programs and The Campaign for Patients 

As states continue their efforts towards greater access of cannabis and cannabis products in the market, a new problem has arisen. How do states   transition from medical to recreational or CBD-only to medical and ensure that   patients are still prioritized in terms of access and quality of product?

  • Ngiste Abebe, Columbia Care  
  • Nichole Snow, MA Patient Advocacy Alliance  
  • Christine Stenquist, TRUCE  
  • Moderator: Debbie Churgai, Americans for Safe Access 

Lessons to be Learned: International Landscape and How It Can Shape US  Policy 

As the US continues a state-by-state approach towards regulating cannabis   and cannabis products, countries around the world are leading by example in   their implementation efforts. What are the challenges and best practices that   we can learn from these countries as the US legislative and regulatory scene   continues to push forward both federally and locally?

  • Nic Easley, 3C Cannabis Consulting  
  • Michael Krawitz, Veterans for Medical Cannabis Access   
  • Hilary Black, Canopy Growth  
  • Pavel Pachta, International Cannabis and Cannabinoids Institute  
  • Moderator: Steph Sherer, Americans for Safe Access 


Safety First: How Science & Research Can Impact Patient Safety  

Developments in research and science continue to show new reasons why   cannabis is a viable, safe product for a variety of ailments. Hear from leading   experts about what they are working on and what discoveries have added to   the argument for a cannabis accessible country.  

  • Josh Crossney, Cannabis Science Conference  
  • Antonio Frazier, CannaSafe  
  • Moderator: Heather Despres, Americans for Safe Access 


ASA’s 2020 Advocacy and Legislative Priorities 

 The core ASA value has always been advocacy, although we can not lobby   together this year, we want to take this time to talk about our efforts at the state   and federal level. During this time ASA staff will talk about the importance of   advocacy at the state level, as well as go over our new Office of Medical   Cannabis Control legislation and other federal bills from our Lobby from   Home Action Alert. 

  • Don Duncan, Americans for Safe Access 
  • Steph Sherer, Americans for Safe Access 
  • Moderator: Debbie Churgai, Americans for Safe Access