Unity 2014 Navigating Medical Cannabis in the Mainstream

April 5-7, 2014

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Unity 2014 Keynote Dr. Jim Tozzi

Jim Tozzi worked for five consecutive Presidential Administrations including service as the senior career regulatory policy official at the White House Office of Management and Budget.. Dr.Tozzi was instrumental in establishing a primary cornerstone of the regulatory state--the centralized review of regulations by the White House. He is also the father of the Data Quality  Act. Dr.Tozzi has been appointed to the Administrative Conference of the US; the federal agency responsible for overseeing the federal regulatory process.

History of Botanical Medicines in the U.S.

Medical cannabis is not the only herbal medicine that has been under attack in the US. Botanical medicines have also been deemed illegal at periods of time, targeted by conventional medicine, battled with federal agencies and struggled for their place in health and wellness in the US. Scholars and experts will share the story of these products and the movement that keeps them legal.

  • Dr. Lyle Craker
  • Jane Wilson
  • Peter Hutt 
  • Tony Young 
  • Lewis Grossman


Future of Regulation and Product Safety

Product safety and industry standards are a new trend in regulatory schemes for medical cannabis. This panel will discuss these trends including what is happening internationally and in the US

  • Amanda Reiman
  • Phillippe Lucas
  • Jill Lamoureux
  • Kristen Nevedal