Trump, Sessions + the future of the cannabis industry: Q&A with Steph Sherer

By John Schoyer for Marijuana Business Daily

Steph Sherer has a good read on the pulse of cannabis politics, having spent years in Washington DC lobbying on behalf of medical marijuana patients and fighting for national MJ reform as executive director of Americans for Safe Access.

With Donald Trump’s presidential inauguration on Friday just hours away, she’s not optimistic about what the near-term future holds for the marijuana industry.

Sherer told Marijuana Business Daily she expects Trump’s pick for U.S. attorney general, Sen. Jeff Sessions, to conduct audits of various state laws and marijuana programs to see how well they measure up to the eight strictures outlined in the 2013 Cole Memo.

Such audits, she said, could be used as ammunition by Sessions and other anti-cannabis forces in DC to roll back much of the progress the marijuana movement has made in recent years.