With so much support for medical marijuana, Dems could get surprising boost on the ballot. Except one big holdout

Heather Digby Parton, Salon

The midterm election is almost in full swing and the lies and obfuscations are coming fast and furious. Yesterday, we found out that Karl Rove’s group American Crossroads is running ads against foolish Democrats who jumped on the deficit reduction bandwagon and supported (or even implied they might support) cuts to Social Security and Medicare during the Grand Bargain crusade. This shouldn’t come as any surprised since the Republicans did exactly the same thing back in 2010 when they ran ads all over the country attacking Democrats for cutting Medicare as part of the health care reform. Needless to say, the GOP demagogues who have been attacking Medicare as “socialized medicine” since the day it was passed were not philosophically opposed to Medicare cuts.They were at the very same time proposing that the elderly’s health care lifeline be turned into vouchers they could use to comparison shop for their health needs. (If there’s one thing seniors would love is be required to spend their time searching for surgical bargains.)