The Dr. Oz Show Asks Americans To Start Talking About ‘Marijuana as Medicine’

Today people from around the world highlighted the importance health awareness by celebrating World Health Day. Among the many great public awareness efforts conducted today we would like to thank the Dr. Oz Show for issuing a PSA calling for a new dialogue on medical marijuana.

With awareness of the benefits of medical marijuana growing fast here in United States and abroad the PSA asks us to reframe our perceptions and start to talk about “marijuana as medicine” and boldly suggests “the conversation is changing.” To date 36 states and the District of Columbia have passed legislation recognizing at least some kind of acceptable medical use of marijuana, with two more states expected to join the list in the near future. The national dialogue about medical marijuana is moving forward quickly and new conversations are starting everyday. Let’s say thanks to Dr. Oz for helping start a new series of conversations about the benefits of medical marijuana.