Tinctures use ethanol alcohol (e.g. pure grain alcohol, not rubbing alcohol) to extract the cannabinoids. You use droplet amounts, which are absorbed through the mouth's mucous membranes. However, in dispensaries today, clean oil extracts are also being referred to as tinctures. These cannabis oils can also be used sublingually using a dropper for accurate dosing. When purchasing products, it is important to know whether you are receiving an alcohol or oil-based product.


Sublingual sprays are another way of using a tincture. Ethanol alcohol is the most common way to extract cannabinoids for use in sprays, where you use a pump to spray the cannabis-alcohol solution under your tongue.

Expected onset: 0-60 minutes

Duration: 1-8 hours

Bioavailability: 10-20%

Route: Mucous membrane to bloodstream

Products: alcohol, oil, & glycerin-based tinctures, lozenges