Smoking out the Legislature

News Review

By Ngaio Bealum


Last Thursday, California bill AB 266, “The Medical Cannabis Regulation and Control Act,” passed the House and has been sent to the Senate. The bill is pretty good, if you ask me. The gist: AB 266 allows the governor to appoint a “Weed Czar”; the Board of Equalization is pretty much in charge of the whole deal; there is a 99-plant limit for larger grows (this may be changed, because the farms in the Emerald Triangle are hella bigger than that); and cities and counties can still ban medical cannabis dispensaries. You can read it for yourself here:

Americans for Safe Access supports this legislation. From their press release: “AB 266 will help put aside industry issues that distract from the benefits that patients in California get from the medical cannabis program, while enthusiastically supporting AB 266, Americans for Safe Access is supporting amendments in the licensing structure to preserve the historic diversity of the California’s medical cannabis industry and allow new players to join the increasingly mature and diverse cannabis industry.” I agree. No legislation is ever perfect, but this bill is pretty good and it is beyond time for California to get its shit together