Should Grandma Smoke Pot?

Starting today, television stations in West Palm Beach Fl and Eugene Oregon will begin airing an “edu-mercial” about medical cannabis called, Should Grandma Smoke Pot? The show is the brain child of Robert Platshorn, the man who served the longest prison sentence in America for smuggling marijuana. After the government forced him to halt his live pro-legalization “Silver Tour,” Grandma is his new effort to educate seniors on the benefits of medical marijuana.

With award-winning director Walter J Collins, Robert has produced a thirty minute show that pulls no punches in taking on what he calls “the government’s wasteful and irrational ban on marijuana.” The show will air more than a dozen times over three weeks in West Palm Beach on WTIX the CW and WCTN My TV. In Oregon, it will air more than a dozen times on KEVU-TV.

Summing up his new direction, Robert Platshorn, who served thirty years of a sixty-four year federal prison sentence, said “I must be making an impression on America’s seniors, because the Federal Parole Commission has ordered that I may no longer travel ‘to promote legalization of marijuana.’” Robert exclaims, “If I can’t travel to legalize this important medicine for seniors, I can damn well send Grandma across America on a mission of mercy.”

Robert, who for many years was a national TV pitchman, is raising money to air his show like an infomercial on local and national TV networks. As an experienced infomercial producer, Robert has access to the private auctions where he can buy half hours on good stations for about ten percent of normal rate. As little as $3000 can buy twenty or more airings for Grandma on local stations or one national airing. You can learn more at

Watch the edu-mercial, and share it with your grandma!

Jonathan Bair is ASA's Social Media Director