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Webinar_Promotion_with_Promo_Code.jpgWe are less then 1 week away from the big day! Join us June 23rd from 1:00 – 2:00pm ET for our online webinar on “Improving Analysis of Edibles, Topicals, and Related Products using Flash Chromatography”.  In this webinar you will learn how to overcome challenges in cannabis potency testing. 

Explore how flash chromatography, equipped with universal detection technology, can address quality control challenges by offering a more efficient way to isolate cannabinoids and other compounds of interest from complex matrices.  As well as how flash in conjunction with other analytical techniques can remove matrix interferences, quantify low level cannabinoid in edibles and topicals, and how it can be used to create your own reference standards.

  • The State & Challenges in Cannabis Analysis
  • Potency Testing Challenges
  • Analytical Testing Procedures
  • What is Flash Chromatography?
  • Benefits of Flash for Isolating Compounds
  • Isolating Cannabinoids from Various Complex Matrices

The legalization of medical and/or recreational cannabis has created a need for accurate and reliable testing methods to ensure consumer safety.  Don't miss out on your chance to learn from the leading experts. Thanks to a generous donor we are now able to offer 50% off of the purchase price for the next 48 hours. 


Jahan_Photo.jpgJahan Marcu

ASA Chief Scientist, PFC Auditor & Author of the American Herbal Pharmacopeia Cannabis Monograph

James_Photo.jpgJames Neal-Kababick

Director, Flora Research Laboratories, LLC, Fellow AOAC International President Elect, PSW-AOAC Vice Chair, USP <2251> ADSDDA Expert Panel, Adjunct Faculty Bastyr University Botanical Medicine Department, AHP Monograph Reviewer

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