Harris Thwarting Democracy Again, Say Medical Marijuana Protesters

| July 12, 2004 |

SARASOTA– At 2:00 pm today, medical marijuana protesters are gathering at a local Congressional office demanding an end to the federal government's refusal to respect state laws and the will of the people. They are denouncing Rep. Katherine Harris’ vote...

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Medical Marijuana Protest at Congressman's Office 10am Today

| July 09, 2004 |

FT. LAUDERDALE – Medical marijuana patients, their families and national advocates will be at the office of  Rep. E. Clay Shaw, Jr. today at 10:00 am, protesting his vote to continue imprisoning sick and suffering Americans even in states that...

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Congress Voting on Measure to End Medical Marijuana Raids

| July 07, 2004 |

WASHINGTON, D.C. –The U.S. House of Representatives will be voting today or tomorrow on a bi-partisan bill to stop the federal arrest of patients in states that allow the medical use of marijuana. Last year’s debate was impassioned, with the...

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Medical Marijuana Demonstration Today at Orlando Congressman's Office

| July 07, 2004 |

ORLANDO – At noon today medical marijuana protesters are gathering at a local Congressional office demanding an end to the federal government's refusal to respect state laws. Congress will be voting today or tomorrow on a bill to stop the...

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Supreme Court Takes Key Medical Marijuana Case

| June 28, 2004 |

The U.S. Supreme Court today announced it will take up a landmark California case that recently established a medical exception to the federal prohibition on marijuana. In December 2003, a federal appeals court in San Francisco ruled in the case...

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Medical Marijuana Patient’s Federal Appeal Today

| June 16, 2004 |

SAN FRANCISCO – A Chico man will be before the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco this morning, arguing that his 2002 conviction for conspiring to grow medical marijuana was not only unconstitutional but based on misconduct by...

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Prison No Place for Pot Patients

| June 11, 2004 |

Since medical marijuana patient and caregiver Bryan Epis was sentenced in October 2002 to a mandatory minimum of ten years in prison, his case has become the prime example of how far – and how wrong – the federal government...

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Los Angeles Police Sued Over Medical Marijuana Raids

| June 08, 2004 |

LOS ANGELES – A South Central grandmother who served in Vietnam is in court Wednesday, suing the Los Angeles Police Department for harassment after they destroyed her supply of medical marijuana four years in a row.   Sister Somayah Kambui...

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Anniversary of Landmark Sentencing Draws National Protests

| June 02, 2004 |

On the anniversary of a landmark federal sentencing, medical marijuana patients and activists across the country are rallying at the offices of members of Congress Friday, demanding an end to federal prosecutions.

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Court Orders Feds to Stay Away From Medical Marijuana Patients

| May 18, 2004 |

San Francisco (Tuesday, May 18, 2004) – The medical cannabis patients who won a landmark case against John Ashcroft last December today got the legal protection they sought.

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