Peace for Patients


‘Peace for Patients’ is a project of Americans for Safe Access to demand Congress adopt federal laws to end the war on medical cannabis patients and their providers. Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have passed laws permitting patients to access medical cannabis with the recommendation of their doctor. Over one million people in the US are legally using medical cannabis and public opinion polls demonstrate that 85% of Americans support the use of medical cannabis. Despite widespread support, the Department of Justice continues to wastes upwards of $180,000 per day to wage war on state medical cannabis programs and destroy the lives of patients and their families. In fact, it is estimated that in just five years, the Obama Administration has wasted upwards of $300 million in medical cannabis states, outspending what President George W. Bush spent in eight years by $100 million.

The Federal War on Patients

When the Department of Justice interferes with the implementation of these state and local laws, the effect is to punish medical cannabis patients who rely on licensed facilities to provide access to quality, lab-tested products. The casualties in the war on medical cannabis are not criminal masterminds, but rather individual patients with Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis, Movement Disorders, Chronic Pain, AIDS, Glaucoma, PTSD, Arthritis and Gastrointestinal Disorders.

We are alarmed by the sharp increase of enforcement spending by the Department of Justice and concerned that without Congressional review, the Department will continue to waste resources without oversight. It is time for ‘Peace for Patients.’ It is time to pass an amendment to CJS Appropriations that not a single penny would be spent on medical cannabis enforcement in states where it is legal.

Support Peace for Patients

We welcome support for ‘Peace for Patients’ from nonprofit advocacy organizations, medical and science professional organizations, and other small businesses concerned about ending the war on medical cannabis patients.

In This Section

What's the Cost

What's the Cost? A detailed account of the costly war on medical marijuana patients. This report takes an in-depth look at both the financial and human price of the federal government's expensive and failed war on medical cannabis.

Peace for Patients Policy Agenda

Here is how Congress can end the war on medical marijuana patients. Congress has several options at its disposal to bring peace for patients, from a cease fire (the CJS amendment) to complete truce (HR 689). Here are ASA's recommendations to end the war.