Pain Relief without Opioids: A local couple’s crusade

By Evan Bury for NRVNews

In the 2021 Medical Cannabis Access State Report Card by Americans for Safe Access, Virginia received an overall score of a D+. Virginia’s worst ranking was in the access to medicine category in which the state scored a 25/100.

CHRISTIANSBURG, Va. – Chris Reese and Sarah Vogl have dedicated the last four years of their lives to providing hemp-derived CBD and THC products to the New River Valley.

“I am an advocate for cannabis for many reasons,” Reese said. “One of the most important reasons in the past few years has definitely been cancer. I lost my mom to cancer just a little over a year ago.”

Reese and Vogl own a cannabis cafe in Christiansburg called Bear Dance Market & CBD Cafe, “a quaint smoothie cafe and cannabis store with a focus on product education,” according to their website.

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