Oregon Officials: What's in it for us?

On June 3, Oregon officials were told by local US Attorney Dwight Holton & several other law enforcement agencies including District Attorneys and Sheriffs' offices that Medical Cannabis Dispensaries "will not be tolerated."  State officials continue to hide behind the federal government, using the Controlled Substances Act as an explanation for refusing to regulate access and protect patients.  Meanwhile, state legislators looking to close a hole in the budget are looking at patients as a likely source of income. As reported by CNBC, legislators are considering doubling the annual fees for patient ID cards.

It's time for Oregon to to step up and implement regulations allowing safe access to medical cannabis across the state.  In addition, Oregon officials should demand that the federal government end the delay and answer the Coalition to Reschedule Cannabis' Petition.  Once federal law changes, state officials will have no way to hide and will be forced to protect patients.  It is incomprehensible that Oregonian patients should be forced to pay the state $200 a year when those same patients are not even granted reliable access to medical cannabis.