New DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Caregivers Stir Protests

Breaking News Advisory: December 12, 2005 

New DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Caregivers Stir Protests

Local Activists to Protest at San Diego Federal Building

San Diego, California – The Drug Enforcement Administration raided at least

13 medical marijuana dispensaries today throughout San Diego, seizing

patient records, computers, files, and medical marijuana. No one was

arrested on suspicion of drug-dealing, officials said, though a handful were

arrested on outstanding warrants that were unrelated to the use or

possession of medical marijuana, according to the U.S. Drug Enforcement


"The federal government, while claiming that they are not targeting

patients, have at great taxpayer expense, cut off safe access to medical

marijuana for thousands of sick and dying in the region," said Steph Sherer,

director of the medical marijuana advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access,

"How can this administration be so out of step with both science and public


In response to the federal government’s failure to respect the state laws

that permit the use of medical marijuana for the seriously ill, patients and

supporters will engage in protest and a press event at 12 noon at the San

Diego Federal Building, 880 Front Street

WHO: Americans for Safe Access

WHAT: Protest against DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Caregivers

WHEN: Tuesday, Dec. 13 at noon

WHERE: The federal building in San Diego is located at 880 Front Street.

Dozens of additional protests are planned around the country on Wednesday,

Dec. 14 in front of federal buildings. Since federal raids on dispensaries

started in 2001, thousands of people nationwide have participated in

protests at DEA offices in over 50 cities.


A national coalition of 12,000 patients, doctors and advocates, Americans

for Safe Access is the largest organization working solely on medical

marijuana. To learn more, see