Medical Cannabis News in Review

Is Paul Ryan's statement similar to Obama's position on medical marijuana? Is there evidence that marijuana has accepted medical uses? Are there really more dispensaries than Starbucks in LA? Recent news about medical marijuana:

  • Paul Ryan’s position on medical pot: “up to Coloradans,” and “not a high priority” for a Romney/Ryan Administration. Associated Press in the San Jose Mercury News

  • What if Obama called a real marijuana user instead of actors? Huffington Post

  • From dispensary operator to illicit dealer. Is medical marijuana being driven underground? LA Times

  • Study shows marijuana use among teens in Colorado, a medical cannabis states, dropped even as it increased nationwide. Huffington Post

  • Far fewer dispensaries in Los Angeles than ban proponents claimed, UCLA study finds. UCLA Newsroom

  • Author Martin Lee presents slideshow of seminal moments in the post-ban history of cannabis - Huff Post Books

  • Summary of research in the Daily Beast finds strong evidence of cancer-fighting effects of cannabis. Daily Beast

  • Prescribing medical professionals launch sign-on letter disputing Federal position that cannabis has no medical value, in advance of the October 16th hearing. ASA

  • Southern California’s only Sheriff-permitted dispensary closed by US Attorney Laura Duffy. San Diego ASA

  • Senior learns to bust the myths around medical cannabis. HuffPost Post 50