Massachusetts Medical Society Promotes Cannabis Education for Medical Professionals

Last month, the Massachusetts Medical Society, a leader in continuing medical education (CME) providing accredited and certified activities across the globe for physicians and other healthcare professionals, announced exciting news, endorsing the Comprehensive Cannabis Curriculum, as their comprehensive curriculum on the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis.

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Massachusetts Medical Society posts: 

“The Comprehensive Cannabis Curriculum is an extensive course that is designed to introduce the clinician to the details of the endocannabinoid system and its interactions with medical cannabis. The course builds on this foundation to address cannabis administration, dosing, contraindications, metabolism and drug interactions. Studies addressing the physiologic, cognitive and mental health effects of cannabis are reviewed in detail. In addition, Modules 8 through 16 are focused on the medical use of cannabis for ten distinct disease states. These courses significantly expand the Massachusetts Medical Society’s continuing medical education courses in cannabis and its use for medicinal purposes.”

Like in many other states, Massachusetts clinicians are required to take a certain number of continuing medical education credits in order to recommend cannabis to patients, the new Massachusetts Medical Society course provides those. “With legalization of both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana growing in states across the U.S., it is imperative that physicians be prepared to answer questions about marijuana use and to counsel their patients about any potential impact of cannabis,” said Dr. Henry L. Dorkin, president of the Massachusetts Medical Society, in a statement.

TheAnswerPage’s medical cannabis content is a key component in Cannabis Care Certification (CCC), a joint project of ASA and TheAnswerPage. Founded in 1998 by two pain specialists, Dr. Stephen B. Corn and Dr. Meredith Fisher-Corn, TheAnswerPage is a continuing medical education website that provides peer-reviewed information on a variety of fields of medicine. In 2014, the Corns reached out to Americans for Safe Access to work together with TheAnswerPage to create a program that would both help doctors provide the best care for legal medical cannabis patients, and help patients get the most from their medical cannabis use.  

In 2016, ASA and TheAnswerPage launched Cannabis Care Certification (CCC), an online program designed to provide quality information about medical cannabis to individuals who are starting or considering cannabis therapy, and healthcare professionals looking to learn about the endocannabinoid system and medical cannabis. CCC is the only resource of its kind that educates both patients and their healthcare providers in an effort to optimize the safety and quality of medical cannabis therapy.

“The Massachusetts Medical Society does not endorse the use of medical marijuana, but by adopting this curriculum”, Fisher-Corn said, “the society is acknowledging how important it is that doctors be informed about cannabis and ready to answer any and all questions their patients have."

“Now that so many states have legalized medical cannabis and some states have legalized recreational cannabis, it’s even more important that doctors, nurses and pharmacists are educated,” Fisher-Corn said. "[They all have to] communicate with each other when taking care of a patient using either medical or recreational marijuana.”


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