Key CA Committee Passes Safe Access Bill

This afternoon the Appropriations Committee of the California State Assembly approved AB2312, the Medical Marijuana Tax, Regulate and Control Act sponsored by Assemblyman Tom Ammiano (D-SF). This key committee has the power to approve or deny legislation that has an impact on the budget. Last week the bill was placed in "suspense," which is legislative lingo for "end of the road." Most political insiders had written us off, so today's vote moving the bill to the full Assembly was an important, and unexpected, victory.
This bill moved forward because of you - the power of the grassroots

300 patients and advocates pushed this bill against the current when they visited every legislative office as part of the CA Unity Conference on Monday. They - joined by thousands of you who sent emails to your Assemblymembers - deserve the lion's share of the credit for today’s victory. Our coalition with the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW), the Emerald Growers Association, CA NORML, the Coalition for Cannabis Policy Reform, and others has a created a powerful new voice in Sacramento, standing up for patients.

Today's vote is evidence that medical cannabis is “growing up” as a serious issue in Sacramento. Legislators and politicians see us in a new light after Monday's lobby day. Our broad coalition and demonstrated ability to mobilize constituents has forced Sacramento to take us and our concerns seriously.

A great victory, but more work to do

We have an uphill battle to get approval from the full Assembly and Senate. This vote was a great step forward but we still need your help. Take action to support AB 2312 today and show Sacramento that we are a strong political movement!