Having "The Talk"

talk.fw--300x247.pngFor medical cannabis patients, one of the hardest conversations to have may be with family and friends. After negotiating the hurdles of registering as a patient, finding a physician that will recommend medical cannabis, and finding a dispensary close to home, the last thing many patients may not anticipate is an intense conversation about their new medicine with their loved ones.

Due to the unfortunate jokes that are often portrayed in the media about using medical cannabis, it may be wise to prepare yourself for your family or friends  to discount the medical value and utility of cannabis. The best way to help them understand is to share the science of medical cannabis and have an open and honest conversation, to help educate them about how medical cannabis can help.

One way to help you through this process is with our condition-based booklets. These booklets are an invaluable tool you can use to help explain your medicine to your family, and show them how you’re going to be using your medication. Be sure to also let them know this treatment is happening under the recommendation of a physician, and continually invite them to deepen their knowledge along with you. As new studies emerge from the scientific community, include a link to them in an FYI email. Sharing information about the science of medical cannabis is the best way to educate others.

As new medical cannabis programs emerge in the United States and throughout the world, we have a unique opportunity to dispel myths and provide concrete information and education to our family and friends. Let’s use this opportunity and help to secure safe access to medical cannabis for all patients!