Federal Legal Information

Federal Marijuana Law

The federal government places every controlled substance in a schedule, in principle according to its relative potential for abuse and medicinal value. Under the CSA, marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug, which means that the federal government views marijuana as highly addictive and having no medical value.

Federal Medical Cannabis Rulings

Find information on both criminal and civil lawsuits in the United States against medical marijuana patients.

Are you facing federal charges?

We are sorry to hear about the terrible ordeal you have just been through. Many victims of federal raids are never charged, and the federal government simply keeps all of the medicine seized as "evidence," but charges no one. Learn about appeals, federal supervised release and what to expect in the process.

The Role of State Law Enforcement

States, not the federal government, are the principal purveyors of criminal codes. Congress' authority to enact criminal laws is greatly circumscribed by the Constitution. Only when federal and state laws directly conflict is federal law supreme. When there is no direct conflict, states retain the authority to legislate as they see fit.

Support ASA's Federal Lawsuits

Americans for Safe Access (ASA), the nation’s leading medical cannabis patients’ advocacy organization, filed a groundbreaking lawsuit to stop the recent escalation in federal pressure against medical cannabis cultivators, providers, and others. Americans for Safe Access v. Holder challenges the Obama Administration's attempt to subvert local and state medical cannabis laws. We argue that the Tenth Amendment forbids the Department of Justice (DOJ) and other federal agencies from using coercive tactics to commandeer the law-making functions of state and local governments.