Call AG Holder's Office Today

Don't let U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder deny your access to medical marijuana!

Holder is expected to "clarify" the federal government's enforcement policy on medical marijuana.any day now. Call Holder's office today at 202-514-2001 to demand that the Justice Department leave state medical marijuana programs alone. (Sample script after the jump)

Attorney General Holder—
Most medical cannabis patients rely on local distribution centers for safe and legal access to their medicine.  Unfortunately, recent federal actions have cut off this access, leaving many without the medication they need.  Please don't let the Justice Department continue to interfere in the development and implementation of state and local medical marijuana laws. President Obama's pledge of not using Justice Department resources to undermine state medical marijuana laws must be upheld. Please issue a policy that will protect both patients and the distribution centers on which they rely.
Thank you.

Thank you for taking a minute to fight for safe access. 

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