California Weekly Round Up

Arcata City Council and Local Activists Reach a Working Compromise for Safe Access This week, Arcata City Council voted unanimously to establish a medical marijuana working group in an effort to protect the community and patients' rights. Humboldt County ASA and other local activists attended the meeting in support of the effort, while voicing concerns about regulations. This effort came about as a compromise between local medical cannabis supporters and the city council. Earlier in October, members of the council had expressed concerns about lack of security and safety regulations at medical cannabis grow houses. Rather than taking drastic measures to ban medical cannabis grow houses, at the urging of the community, the council decided to implement a working group to assess the need for and then begin to develop regulations. The medical cannabis working group will first examine the community's need for regulations, while being mindful of patients' rights. They will then focus on establishing a task force which will develop zoning regulations and guidelines for medical marijuana grow houses. Read more about the new working group in the Eureka Reporter. Landlord Letters Come to Orange County In continuation of the DEA's recent trend targeting innocent third parties, this week, landlords in Orange County received asset forfeiture letters. These letters threaten to confiscate the landlords' properties if they do not cooperate with the DEA and evict dispensing collective tenants. The DEA, once more, has chosen to victimize an innocent third party, property owners, in its ongoing war on medical cannabis. This trend of targeting innocent people has been seen in other Southern California cities such as Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and Long Beach. We need a political fix for this problem in the immediate future. The DEA is continuing to go to drastic measures like these to undermine California state law. This is yet another reason Governor Schwarzenegger needs to stand up for patients' rights and defend California's medical marijuana laws. Click here to send a message to the Governor urging him to stand up for patents' rights. We must put an end to the mindless victimization of innocent citizens! To sign up to receive the weekly round up by email, click here.