Bay Area Activists to Protest at Federal Buildings

San Francisco, CA – The Drug Enforcement Agency raided another medical marijuana dispensary today in Santa Cruz, California, arresting 2 people and shutting off safe access to life affirming medicine to 300 seriously ill patients. In response to the federal government’s failure to respect local state laws that permit the use of medical marijuana for the seriously ill, activists will engage in protest and civil disobedience at the Oakland and San Francisco Federal Buildings. WHO: Americans for Safe Access WHAT: Protest against DEA Raids on Medical Marijuana Dispensary WHEN: September 6th at noon WHERE: The federal building in Oakland, CA, is located at 1301 Clay Street at 14th. The federal building in San Francisco is located at 450 Golden Gate in downtown. Speakers: Oakland - Ram Dass SF - Joe DeVries of the AC Supervisor Miley’s office, Kris Worthington of the Berkeley City Council, and Angel McClary of Operation Patient Rescue Since October 2001, the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has raided four medical marijuana dispensaries that operate in cooperation with local authorities in California. More raids are expected in the coming weeks and months. Hundreds of patients have lost safe access to their medicine due to the violent raids on which federal authorities have spent untold amounts of money and manpower. Grassroots Pressure is Growing On June 6, thousands of people nationwide participated in protests at DEA and Department of Justice offices in 50 cities. Over 1,500 people have pledged to resist the federal crackdown by disrupting business-as-usual at DEA offices the day after the next raid. “We are outraged at yesterdays raids on legal medical marijuana dispensaries in California,” says Hilary McQuie. “Our protest will call on the DEA to Cease and Desist harassment of patients people who care for them.”
Americans for Safe Access is an aggressive grassroots campaign designed to force the federal government to stop its attack on patients and respect the rights of voters to choose medical marijuana policy. Our Demands:
  1. We demand that all prosecutions of medical marijuana patients, growers, and dispensaries cease immediately.
  2. We demand that President Bush & Attorney General Ashcroft declare a moratorium on the Federal anti-medical marijuana campaign.
  3. We demand President Bush declare his support for HR 2592, the States’ Rights to Medical Marijuana Act.
The White House’s own comprehensive review of medical marijuana released by the Institute of Medicine in March of 1999 declared:
  • Marijuana works as a medicine for some people.
  • Patients are already using medicinal marijuana despite its illegality.
  • Marijuana does not present significant health risks relative to medicines that are legally available.
  • No evidence that prison is better for patients than marijuana.
  • While more research should be conducted into marijuana's medical uses, chronically or terminally ill patients should be permitted to use marijuana in the meantime.