CA Senator Evans will not call for a vote on SB 1193

ASA members like you have scored one last victory in the final hours of this year’s state legislative session. We generated more than 1,000 emails and phone calls in opposition to a badly amended bill in less than one week – and it worked!

In response to that grassroots pressure, Senator Noreen Evans (D-Santa Rosa) will not call for a vote on SB 1193 in the Assembly. That means the bill will not be adopted this year. Well done!

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SB 1193 was supposed to be a win-win compromise for medical cannabis patients and law enforcement. The original bill would have eased the rules for handling cannabis and plants seized as evidence, but required law enforcement to return the property, or pay the owner reasonable compensation if the cannabis or plants turned out to be legal medical cannabis. ASA supported that common-sense arrangement, but the return of property and compensation provisions were removed at the last minute. Read more here.

ASA rallied its base to oppose the amended version of SB 1193 last week, and our members responded with more than 1,000 emails and phone calls that reached every member of the Assembly. That is the kind of timely and effective grassroots action that gets things done. This is not the first time we have helped to killed bad bills this year. We stopped AB 1588, which would have made it harder to open dispensaries, and AB 2500, the medical cannabis DUI bill, earlier this year

You can make a difference, and ASA is committed to supporting and empowering our base to be effective. Please make a generous one-time donation or affordable monthly contribution to help us do it.

Have a great holiday weekend!