ASA Introduces New Video Testimonials

Watch 3 Medical Cannabis Supporters Share Their Stories As the National Field Coordinator for ASA I meet patients, medical professionals, caregivers, and people from all walks of life on a daily basis. When meeting people new to the movement I am regularly asked who supports medical cannabis and why should I get on board? In the past, I would then take several minutes to explain, but that is about to change today! Over the next month on each Monday, ASA will be releasing video testimonials through our blog of medical cannabis supporters to help educate people about medical cannabis. Below are three Bay Area medical cannabis supporters who volunteered to share their stories to help spread the word about medical cannabis. The video testimonial project has been designed to help educate people about medical cannabis by having patients and supporters share their stories. This project was also designed to help people like you educate your friends and family about medical cannabis by sharing these videos with your community. Forward this blog to family, friends, and community members and help spread the word about medical cannabis. Also, check back here next Monday for the next installment of the video testimonials. Steve from Oakland, California Yvonne from Richmond, California Carole from Fremont, California Thank you to Carson Higby-Flowers for volunteering to record, edit, and produce the testimonials. Also, thank you to all of the brave patients, supporters, and advocates who took the time to come in and participate in the video shoot.