Alabama Patient Advocates Confirm Legislator to Introduce ASA Model State Bill












The recently formed patient advocacy group Alabama Medical Marijuana Coalition has confirmed State House Representative K.L Brown (R-Calhoun) as the lead sponsor of its proposed Alabama Medical Marijuana Patient’s Rights Act (AMMPRA). Advocates had attempted to push through legislation earlier in the year, but the bill (HB 386) died in committee this past spring. The latest proposal, however, represents a fresh start with new bill language. The AMMPRA is based on model state legislation designed by the new Think Tank at Americans for Safe Access (ASA).

This model state legislation, and the Think Tank that created it, comes from a new phase of ASA advocacy. We call it ASA 3.0 and the aim is to equip patient advocates with new tools to lobby local, state and federal governments. The "Medical Cannabis Think Tank" -- providing activists the support they need to analyze pending or proposed legislation and to lobby for the best laws possible -- is only one of the new features of ASA 3.0. To support lobbying efforts across the country, ASA has also unveiled its new "Online Training Center," with more than 4 hours of educational streaming video and over 400 pages of instruction manuals and worksheets. ASA's program also includes an improved "Raid Response Center" to better prepare for aggressive federal interference.