Source: Manufacturing & Storage

Additives and Adulterants may be used by producers to add weight, dilute, or add fragrance to their products.

Vitamin E acetate is found in many foods and cosmetic products and does not generally cause harm when applied topically or consumed orally as a dietary supplement. When inhaled, however, Vitamin E acetate can cause damage to lung function.

Like vitamin E acetate, while coconut oil does not generally cause harm when ingested or applied topically, there are no studies that have examined its toxicity when inhaled. Limonene is a naturally occurring terpene in cannabis that is sometimes removed or evaporated off during the extraction process and, in order to make concentrates have the characteristic Cannabis smell, is added back in before sale.

Unfortunately, most of the terpene products that are added back into the product are food grade and their safety has not been evaluated for toxicity when consumed via inhalation. As a result, they are suspected as a cause of some of the vaping lung injury cases.



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