Activists Engage at Camp Wakeupobama

Greetings from Camp Wakeupobama!

Our camper/activists have been hard at work so far this summer raising awareness all over the nation. Campers have been reaching out not just to Obama, but to their Congressmen and other elected representatives, telling them that medical cannabis patients are voters - and that access to medicine is a serious issue for the upcoming elections.

Camp Wakeupobama isn’t just about talking to your elected officials, though. As your Camp Counselor, it's exciting to receive pictures of actions that campers have taken while earning their "merit badges" - all over the nation! Other fun activities include attending a protest, making a video testimonial, and organizing a flashmob!

There are many ways to get involved when you sign up for Camp Wakeupobama, and if you do enough activities through the camp you can earn a T-shirt, sharable merit badges, or even a fully sponsored trip to DC in February!

Sign up now to get involved with a planned protest in front of an Obama campaign headquarters near you on September 20th!

Summer’s almost over but you can still participate in camp! This is such a fun and easy way to let your voice be heard before the elections in November. You can take a photo of yourself at a local landmark, like Misty in Hot Springs, Arkansas, above!

Join other medical cannabis activists around the nation and let government know that we are patients AND voters and this issue matters to us!

Stay safe and remember to wear sunscreen this summer!

Counselor Hunter

Hunter Holliman is ASA's Field Director.