A Memorial Day Surprise for Veterans

salute.jpgThe US Senate Committee on Appropriations voted to add the Veterans Equal Access Amendment (VEAA) to the 2016 budget for the Veterans Administration (VA). This landmark amendment would end the current gag order that prevents VA doctors from recommending or even discussing medical cannabis with veterans in states where it is legal.

There is now real chance that federal law will change and veterans who depend on the VA for health care will finally be able to discuss medical cannabis with their doctors and use it to treat serious conditions like chronic pain, PTSD, phantom limb syndrome, traumatic brain injury, and more.

Make a special donation to Americans for Safe Access, the nation’s leading medical cannabis patients’ advocacy organization, so that we can keep fighting for veterans and others who need safe and legal access to medical cannabis.

The Senate vote was historic, but we still have to get VEAA approved in the House of Representatives – where a similar measure lost by only three votes last year – and signed by the President. That means we need to do more direct advocacy, rally more grassroots support, and keep this story in the national media spotlight. 

We are making progress in Washington, DC. Last year Congress passed another milestone amendment removing funding for federal interference in medical cannabis states. This year the bipartisan CARERS Act promises to protect legal patients, reschedule medical cannabis, and more.

With your help, ASA can make sure that US veterans finally have equal access to health care in states where medical cannabis is already legal! That is a great Memorial Day surprise for those who served and sacrificed.

Please make a donation to help change federal medical cannabis law for veterans today.